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Welcome to Cactus Car Wash an oasis in the car wash industry and an exciting new franchise opportunity.

At our seven locations in Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, and Ft. Lauderdale FL, Cactus Car Wash has created new standards of excellence. We combine high tech tunnels and unique methods of customer care to deliver full-service car washing unlike anywhere else.

For years, entrepreneurs and investors have inquired about franchising. Now the business that both Atlanta Magazine and Creative Loafing Magazine name as "Best Car Wash" in Atlanta finally available as a franchise.

This website is for information only and is not a franchise offering. We can offer a franchise only in states where we are properly registered, exempt from registration, or otherwise permitted to offer franchises. Before we offer a franchise to any person, we must provide that person with our Franchise Disclosure Document and otherwise comply with all applicable laws.

Industry Information

The Facts

Americans drive more than 253 million automobiles. More than half get their cars washed professionally on a regular basis, and this percentage is growing. The International Car Wash Association's "Car Love" campaign points out that a professional car wash protects a car's value, provides satisfaction to the owner, and is much better for the environment than home-washing.

Car Wash Types

If you are serious about owning a car wash, you will need to learn about the car wash industry. Car washes come in six basic types:

  • FULL-SERVICE CONVEYOR WASH - The customer gets out of the car, which then goes through a conveyor tunnel equipped with machines which clean the exterior. Employees clean and vacuum the interior. Most full-service car washes offer detailing services such as waxing, polishing and interior steam cleaning.
  • EXTERIOR-ONLY CONVEYOR WASH - The driver stays in the car during the ride through the conveyor tunnel. The business does not provide interior cleaning, although these washes typically offer self-serve vacuum stations for use by customers.
  • FULL-SERVICE HAND WASH - Employees wash the exterior and clean the interior without the help of an automatic tunnel. Although this business requires less capital than a conveyor wash, it cannot serve nearly as many customers and requires higher labor costs.
  • IN-BAY AUTOMATIC WASH - An in-bay automatic provides an automatic carwash, the car remains stationary in a bay while the equipment moves back and forth over the vehicle. Gas station car washes are usually in-bay automatics.
  • SELF-SERVICE CAR WASH - At these do-it-yourself stations, the customer washes his or her own car, paying for time to use a water hose and detergents.

Financial Information

Due to franchise regulations, we are unable to provide earnings estimates for a car wash. You may review other sources of financial information, such as:

  • 2002 Cost of Doing Business Report produced by the International Carwash Association. This report is available for a fee from the ICA. Visit for more information >>
  • 2004 Automatic Carwash Operations Benchmarking Report, published by Professional Carwash & Detailing, August 2004. This report is available for a fee from Professional Car Care Online. Visit for more information >>
  • The information from these sources is not provided by Cactus Car Wash. We bear no responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of any such information.

Industry Links:

To learn more about the car wash industry, we encourage you explore the following links:

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  • Southeastern Carwash Association


  • Auto Laundry News
  • Modern Car Care
  • Carwash Online

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Franchise Opportunities

As a franchisee, you will receive the Cactus Car Wash brand name, our unique service methods and systems, and extensive assistance and advice in every aspect of developing and operating your Cactus Car Wash.

Owning a Cactus Car Wash**********

Just as Cactus Car Wash delivers an outstanding car wash experience, Cactus Franchise Company, LLC will deliver an outstanding franchise experience. We succeed when you succeed.


  1. Initial franchise fee: $45,000
  2. Royalty: 5.5% of gross revenue
  3. Expected startup costs: $2,370,000 - $3,805,000 (excluding real estate costs)
  4. Term: 20 years, with 10-year renewal term
  5. Protected territory: Exclusive territory granted to each franchisee
  6. Multiple unit development: Available on a case-by-case basis


  1. Pre-opening: Extensive hands-on training program for Owners and Managers, site selection assistance and business plan assistance
  2. Grand opening: two weeks of on-site assistance
  3. After opening: ongoing training and consultation
  4. Operating Manual: comprehensive guide to developing and operating your Cactus Car Wash
  5. Financing information: Please note that although we do not offer financing, we have developed strong relationships with lenders interested in working with our franchisees

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in owning and operating your own Cactus Car Wash.

Please be aware that opening a Cactus Car Wash requires a large investment. We estimate that startup costs will be $2,370,000 - $3,805,000, excluding real estate costs.

If you are interested in more information about a Cactus Car Wash franchise, please call us or complete our online information form. Your information will not be shared with any other party. We will contact you regarding franchise opportunities, and if you are qualified, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for review.

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