About Cactus

In 1996, the first Cactus Car Wash was built in Charleston, South Carolina with a simple goal: provide an outstanding car wash experience. At Cactus Car Wash, the customers relax in a comfortable lounge while the high-tech equipment and highly trained staff clean their cars quickly and thoroughly. Wax and detailing services satisfy the most ardent car-lovers. Before long, Cactus Car Wash became one of the most successful car washes in America.

Cactus expanded into the Atlanta market in 1998. 

Today Cactus has 7 locations in operation and 4 in construction or development in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Cactus Car Wash operates on a "flex-serve" model, offering customers traditional full-service car washing, exterior-only express car washing, and a variety of special detailing and restoration options.

ENVIRONMENT | Catering to the customer

At Cactus Car Wash, we believe the customer always comes first. This is why we provide them with more than a car wash, we provide them with an experience through:

  • Fun Southwestern design theme
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Gourmet coffee bar
  • High definition television
  • Free internet access
  • Immaculate restrooms Outstanding customer service

QUALITY & VALUE | Offering great services at great prices

At Cactus Car Wash we take great pride in our work. We deliver quality and value through:

  • Highly trained and qualified staff
  • The latest technology in the industry
  • Unique quality control procedures
  • A focus on value

SPEED | Cleaning cars quickly

At Cactus Car Wash, we service a high volume of vehicles quickly and efficiently through:

  • Efficient layout
  • Effective process
  • Automated technology and integrated systems